About DeoInfracon has been initiated to bring efficiency and ease in one of the most unorganized yet evergreen and most flourishing business segments ever. The portal segregates projects, services, consultancy, logistics, materials and all related job at single platform thereby starting a new business stream overall introducing professional engineering disciplines including logistics, design, consultancy, planning, construction and maintenance. It is perhaps the oldest engineering disciplines since the beginnings of human existence. targets end to end green logistics services for an object as small as an envelope mobilization to huge merchandise to make flow free moving, from perishable to non perishable to ease the supply chain. The portal eases the logistics services in a dual mode to wherein one can plan shipment and hire transport services accordingly for the mobilization of the said shipment and on the other hand any consignment can be handed over to the portal which will take care of its safe and tracked delivery at the specified location through market researched and planned model for both unit loads as well as third party logistics through multimodal transport, intermodal transport and combined transport. The portal plans, implements, controls procedures for the efficient and effective transportation of goods and related information including inbound, outbound, internal and external movements, modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized by dedicated software.

DeoInfracon provides the facilities of consulting as well as outsourced services on construction plans, transportation of materials, site development based on hydraulic, geotechnical, survey, structural, environmental principles, transportation engineering, material science and engineering, construction engineering to residential, commercial and industrial of all sizes and levels of construction, sanitation, public health and safety, waste disposal and recycle, purification, waste treatment and management etc. In addition to these, the portal gives added features where one can post the work and get the detailed work planned and executed from the experts and contractors listed at the portal. The portal, through its pool of contractors at various disciplines, can get planned, designed and executed all civil, mechanical, electrical (low voltage as well as high voltage), plumbing, electronics, control systems, landscaping, interior, exterior and all related works of all volumes and all natures and most importantly drafting and reviewing contracts, evaluating logistical operations, and monitoring prices of supplies and implementation of green technology.